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Final Year Examination

Every student who wish to apply for Online Exam Form (Regular/External) need to be registered on Student Profile System (SPS). Please click the link below   CIRCULAR INSTRUCTIONS: Features of Student Profile System (SPS) This is one-time/permanent profile management system for student. Once registered student will be able to use same account across multiple online applications of university through out his course. i.e. Student will be able to use this account from first year of course to degree. No duplicate accounts is allowed on same  Aadhaar number (For Indian Students)/ Passport Number (For International Students),  Email ID  and  Mobile Number . Only one account per student is allowed. Instructions for Creating Account On Student Profile System (SPS)     Before creating account on SPS you need to have following things with you Valid  Aadhaar Number  (Only For Indian Students). Valid  Passport Number  (Only For International Students). Valid  Email ID