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Guidelines for Corporate Examination


Exam Guidelines

  1. Student should visit the candidate login - Login 
  2. Your seat number would be the registered Mobile Number given by you in the exam form
  3. Your date of birth should be entered in the format DD/MM/YYYY for example 21/01/1990 
  4. The password for the examination shall be 1234 
  5. The Exam is scheduled on 30th December 2019, between 1 pm to 6 pm
  6. Once you login, the exam would be for half hour, everyone needs to make sure that they should login at least half hour before the end time 6pm. 
  7. Students should submit the test before the time runs out. Test which are not submitted would be considered void. 
  8. The students should make sure that they select the correct exam ID from the drop-down and the list is as follows. 


  1. When the results of corporate law course exam are supposed to be declared.


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